Peter Ricciardi Jr.
36 French Road,
Rockland, MA 02370
(617) 893-0759

fibbing with PhotoShop


I have been providing photos, art, and images to a wide variety of clientele for over twenty years. I like the challenge of illustrating products, ideas or concepts in a way that will catch a reader's eye and pique their interest with graphics and photos. I relish the chance to learn more about what's going on around me and to add to my own set of skills. I have found the changes in the graphic arts to be exciting. Now, more than ever, a person can produce better and more diverse ways of spreading his or her message than before. Today, in addition to print media, we get to explore the possibilities of what we can do with images on the web or other interactive types of communication.

I built this on-line portfolio as a way to show the variety and enthusiasm I have for taking on different types of assignments. I like to approach every job, be it a large format commercial/industrial location photo shoot, or a public relations/editorial photo assignment, or a cartoon for a promotional t-shirt, with a fresh eye, and a focus to get the image that will say what the client wants and needs it to say. My resume can be viewed and downloaded if
you click here.

Thank you for your time,

Peter Ricciardi Jr.